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Trail Station

Trail Station
Carroll, New Hampshire

Granite Patios, Terrace + Walkways

Part of a resort development, the Trail Station property has gained a landscape fitting of the slope side scenery. Its original landscape met only the basic needs for dwelling access and no longer met the needs of the current homeowner. The remote location of the property and limited equipment access points around the perimeter demanded experience in landscape construction organization and design experience. The most durable landscape plants and hardscape materials were selected for this alpine setting. Installed in phases, the landscape at Trail Station required strategic planning to ensure patterned and rhythmic consistency throughout. Often left to care for itself, this landscape endures in one of the harshest climates found in the Northeast.

Designers: Zachary Berger + Ronny Stelly
Landscape Contractors: Scott Palmer + Ronny Stelly
Date: 2017-2019
Site Metrics: 1.3 acres