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About US

Sylvatica Design shapes the Vermont landscape by encouraging the curiosities of the creative collective. We believe the future of place relies on a willingness to collaborate with a rich diversity of industry professionals and clients. The invitation of free thought and explorations of the natural, architectural and human ecologies of each site renders environments that allow each user to express itself naturally.


We seek to enhance the community through intuitive design. Sylvatica Design recognizes the world’s need for optimized, healthy environments that are designed, facilitated and constructed by knowledgeable trade professionals. Our prime directive involves using our experience to further educate our communities on the importance of landscape and environmental design in achieving this goal.


Sylvatica Design formed from years of offering landscape design focused services throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. In that time, it became clear that our expertise had a primary following of those most fortunate. As design and consulting services remain the foundation of our company, they aid in driving the narrative of additional services and products that we offer. Sylvatica accepts responsibility in expanding the rights to optimized design to include a broader, more inclusive base as necessary to its future success.


Remaining committed to the core values of Sylvatica Design allows the brand to thrive and a community to flourish. Sustaining a business that ensures predictable employment, quality products and exceptional services means leading by example. Viewing operations as a closed-loop system that is supported by the many moving parts encourages a company that is unified and positive of the direction it’s headed.

Sylvatica acknowledges that operating a business means that eventually we are challenged with making the tough decisions. Considering what is ethical involves empathy and a willful understanding of how to care for others. Know what is fair. Vehemently defend the facts. Lessen negative impact and produce a positive outcome.

The power of sun, wind and water can regenerate and sustain our lives. Why not our business? Relying on finite resources makes us less resilient in the face of a changing economy and planet. Placing value on renewable power sources ensures that our business will never be forced into a situation of drastic change in day-to-day operations.


The horticulture industry is in much need of reform before it can indeed be environmentally friendly. We recognize our choice in how we conduct our business and that of our vendors. We seek to be leaders in waste reduction and forcefully challenge every point in the status-quo supply chain.

No landscape design project is the same. Each client sees their investment as a unique representation of who they are. As designers, we know the differences each site presents. These facts result in limitless ways in which a landscape may ultimately function. Advocating for place and client, we adapt to create meaningful surroundings that see change as the inevitable part of the planned landscape.

Reliability is a simple concept; do what you say you will do. Proficient communications throughout the landscape design process produces clear expectations. We practice applying self-regulation and welcome feedback in order to fine-tune the overall client experience. Our defined legal and social contracts ensure that all parties are held accountable and that the design process proceeds with respect to one another. Sylvatica keeps the promises we make.


Ronny Stelly

Designer / Founder

Joe Slaimen

Installations + Maintenance Collaborator

Professional Associations

ELA promotes a sustained approach to landscape management, construction and design. Committed to authentic intent and verified practices, this organization continues to be a leader and reliable source for green industry professionals.

A member supported conservation group in the greater Stowe area for over 30 years. Promoting high quality recreation, scenic views and more to benefit the local economy.

Non-profit, professional organization for the horticultural industry of Vermont since 1964. Their mission is to create an awareness of the importance of professional landscape services.

Earth Care

Practicing sustainability + reasonable, effective landscape solutions

Profit Sharing

Sustaining valued institutions by investing business surplus

Human Connections

Developing lasting relationships with landscape craftsmen, business partners + the local community