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Vermont Landscapes with Sylvatica Design


Hello, it’s time we officially introduce our firm to the Vermont landscape. Sylvatica Design is a landscape design and consulting company in Stowe, Vermont. With ten years experience and one hundred landscapes designed in the New England region, we are happy to offer our services to those who enjoy their Vermont landscapes.

New England Landscapes

Designed landscapes that connect people with place



Our founder, Ronny Stelly formed Sylvatica Design in late 2020 after a year of reflection amidst a global pandemic. Mid-Summer, Ronny had a decision to make. Do I join the workforce? Start a company?

When I informed people close to me of the change that was coming, it was clear what I had to do. Nearly all of them responded, “You’re going to start your own company, right?” It was their support and encouragement that led me to form Sylvatica Design.

Designing Vermont landscapes wasn’t the intimidating part – it was operating a business. The following six months were spent on business research and education. Over that span, the vulnerable feeling of owning a business faded and by December, Sylvatica Design opened.

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Sylvatica borrows from the teachings of Bill Mollison in how we operate and design. A company should be more than just a means for profit. Giving back to the institutions that sustain us, we create positive change.

Stylistically, we view ourselves as versatile. The ability to adapt to the needs of various clients is crucial in designing Vermont landscapes. Maybe we don’t get everything we want on a certain project but there will be others that allow us to showcase our preference.


Part of that year-long reflection yielded obvious answers as to how a new landscape design firm might operate. What had gone well? Where did we see resistance? The list below aims to describe how we might be of service to our clients looking to improve their Vermont landscapes:

  • Landscape Design
  • Site Consultations
  • Landscape Contractor Selection
  • Plant Sales
  • Select Gardening Projects

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You’ve likely heard it from your home contractor by now – “we’re booked!” Well, that’s not exactly true for us but it has been a surprisingly high volume of interest for this new business. What better time to consider a design for your Vermont landscape than when no one can build it? Call us at 802-798-2573 or read more on this website. We look forward to hearing from you!

Vermont Landscapes

New England Meadow design by Ronny Stelly + Zachary Berger