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Sterling Ridge

Sterling Ridge
Morrisville, Vermont

Pollinator Gardens + Native Habitat

A unique request for a perennial focused foundation garden has evolved into a thriving ecological support system for pollinators. Possibly our most environmentally sound project to date, Sterling Ridge was largely installed with the use of manual labor and maintained organically. A project that initially began as a simple expansion of an undersized front foundation garden has turned into yearly additions of multi-disciplined landscape design practices. Ornamental erosion control gardens, edible fruits and general property design consultation keep us enthused in providing superior land care services that sustain and encourage a life in the landscape.

Designers: Ronny Stelly + Zachary Berger
Landscape Contractors: Ronny Stelly, Zachary Berger, Joe Slaimen + Jimmy Dawson
Date: 2016-Current
Site Metrics: 5.6 acres