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Sylvan Park

Sylvan Park
Stowe, Vermont

Organic Lawn Care + Native Wildflower Meadow

Sylvan Park aims to challenge the status-quo of landscape contracting and conventional garden design by using a sustainable, organic approach to the built environment. Implementing environmental trade-offs, enacting progressive ideologies and applying adaptive re-use, we create regenerative landscapes that thrive. Aside from the use of a gas-powered mower, the lawn care regimen at Sylvan Park is the definition of sustainable lawn. All clippings and debris are either left in place or re-purposed on site. 100 percent, straight native species are used in the meadow design. The future of Sylvan Park will offer the local neighborhood insight into a permanent culture by obtaining yields, eliminating waste and using incremental solutions.

Designer: Ronny Stelly
Landscape Contractors: Joe Slaimen + Ronny Stelly
Date: 2020-current
Site Metrics: .58 acres