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Spaulding Meadows

Spaulding Meadows
Stowe, Vermont

Boulder Retaining Wall + Sun Room Kitchen Patio

Once envisioned as a multi-property development, Spaulding Meadows is now being regenerated as a single-family estate. The client’s vision was well underway by the time we reached them during the Covid-19 pandemic and our task largely involved setting each landscape element in motion in a timely manner. The immediate goals were to provide a privacy screen to the neighbor, mask a massive leech field and develop a foundational concept deserving of its surrounding environment. The 200 foot long boulder wall consists of 75 percent reclaimed stone from Montgomery, Vermont. A drought-tolerant, resilient evergreen-deciduous screen planting spans the Southern property border. Considerable plans for 2021 are in the works, as Spaulding Meadows is set to be outfitted with a new sun room and stone patio kitchen as well as a homesteader scale vineyard and orchard.

Designers: Ronny Stelly + Zachary Berger
Landscape + Building Contractors: Aaron L. Smith, Doug Nolan, Jimmy Dawson, and Leach Construction
Date: 2020-current
Site Metrics: 18.47 acres