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Summit Loop

Stowe, Vermont

Logical Landscape Design Solutions

The original owner of Summit Loop designed it as a reproduction of their Hungarian childhood home. Its recent acquisition by a young, modern Vermont family considers the property’s history while putting their own mark on the developing environment. Phase 1 of the design included working closely with the home-owner’s association in the tree removal process in order to expand views toward scenic mountain ranges. At that time, the overgrown White Pines along the driveway were removed and an evergreen/hardwood mix was introduced. The second phase of the project is scheduled for Fall 2021 and will include a re-design of the front entry and renovation of the back hillside gardens.

Designers: Ronny Stelly
Landscape Contractor: Sylvatica Design, Vermont Arborists, + Loomis Property Services
Date: 2021-present
Site Metrics: 3.88 acres